1992  Wangbin Decoration Painting Factory was registered and incorporated and worked in workshop manner. There were 3 machines and 10 employees.  

1994  Wangbin Decorative Material Factory was registered and incorporated and the employees increased to 100 people.

1995  The wood photo frame production line was constructed and used to produce wood photo frames; and the employees increased to 150 people.

1996  The advanced photo frame production equipments were imported from Germany and Italy etc and the whole production line was reconstructed completely.  

1997  Investment was made to construct the first phase of projects in the development zone and the new factory was put into production; and the employees increased to 220 people.  

1998  More equipments were imported, the production line was enlarged and the employees increased to 400 people.  

1999  100 mu land was obtained in the development zone to enlarge the production scale and the employees  increased to 1,000 people.   

2000  Investment is put to construct the second phase of project in the development zone; modern new plants were constructed, including blockboard plant, flakeboard plant, glue making plant; and the employees increased to 1,500 people.  

2001  This year was the management performance year when the scale was further enlarged and album plant,  paperboard painting plant and resin artwork plant were constructed.  

2002  Zhejiang Wangbin Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. was registered and incorporated. The project in three phases, Wangbin Industrial Park, was proposed to be developed and constructed. The planned investment for this project  was RMB 400 million Yuan, including the investment for the first phase was RMB 80 million. This year,ISO9000-2000 international quality standard was completely implemented; an information management center was established; the website of the company was constructed; study on the overseas market was made and branches were planned to be constructed in Europe and America.

2004 The production base in fujian was completed and put into operation

2005 Wangbin was rated as one of the top 50 enterprises in Jinhua Wangbin won the "Brand Brand Award

2006 The company's products obtained the Famous Trademark of Zhejiang Province

2008“Wang Bin Photo Frame” was recognized as “China Famous Brand”

2010 The production bases in guangxi and Shandong were completed and put into operation

2012 The headquarters office building is completed and the group department is setting up and optimizing

2013 The group invested heavily in the establishment of “Gu Bai Nian” redwood furniture to further broaden the group's industry.

         The “Gu Bai Nian” production bases in Zhejiang and Fujian were completed and put into operation

2015  New nano-decorative materials put into production

2017 Wang Bin Decoration Engineering Company was formally established, fully forming the strategic pattern of “Wang Bin Decoration, Whole House Customization”

         Wang Bin decoration teamed up with CCTV to create a well-known brand of whole house decoration

         “Wang Bin Photo Frame” was recognized as “China Famous Brand” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.